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While Alaskans practice “social distancing” and do our best to protect one another from COVID-19, CU1 members are still facing financial challenges like the need to replace a winter furnace, maintain a safe vehicle for their family and more. If you're facing financial difficulty or have been impacted by coronavirus-related paycheck cuts, we're here for you.
Learn about waived fees, a helpful option to make no payments for 60 days, and a 1% rebate that can put some cash back in your pocket.*
Credit Union 1 is helping Alaskans whose food, health or shelter is at risk by donating a portion of every loan you finance with us to the Uplifting Others Fund.
Now, when you finance a CU1 loan toward your own life goals – or refinance an existing loan to Credit Union 1 – you’re making a much larger impact on the lives of those around you.
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