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The CU1 Rewards program has been retired. You can still redeem existing points in 2021.
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How to Redeem Your Points
On December 31, 2020, the CU1 Rewards program was retired. This was quite the milestone! While a decade ago our members relied on their rewards points to access lower loan rates and more, we are proud to have transitioned to membership perks that offer competitive rates and expanded services 
every day
 as part of your relationship with us.
  • During 2021, you will have the opportunity to redeem your current points at any time, per our redemption schedule options.
  • Existing points can easily be redeemed for cash and other options via Online Access > More > Rewards. Check this out today to view your current points balance!
  • Please note that for tax purposes, the maximum number of points that can be redeemed in one calendar year is 119,800. Any member who has between 119,800-239,600 points will be allowed until March 31, 2022 to redeem them. Points in excess of 239,600 will be forfeited.