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Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
At Credit Union 1, our founding philosophy of “people helping people” translates to financial services that are accessible to individuals from all walks of life, without discrimination. Diversity, equality and inclusion are at the heart of our community purpose, and we’re proud to promote these values as community leaders in Alaska.
Employees of Credit Union 1 are expected to uphold these values in every interaction with credit union members as well as with their fellow employees. At their heart, these values represent our #CU1LUV mission in Alaska: to lead change, uplift others and truly value people.
Goals and Actions
Throughout our branch communities, from Ketchikan to Nome, Credit Union 1 is represented by a diverse and unique family of employees. We are each as different as the members we serve, but we are united by a common mission to lead change, uplift others and value people in everything we do. These goals could not be fulfilled without a bonded team of employees who respect and welcome one another in the workplace. We expect this standard, and we also strive to make it clear and attainable for every CU1 employee. At Credit Union 1, this means:
  1. Promote individuality
    . We are fortunate to be different from one another. Our differences help us relate to our members, to our fellow Alaskans, and to better serve and support them. When we promote individuality among our employee team, we encourage one another to be true to ourselves and open to the individuality of others.
  2. Embrace diversity.
    Every employee at Credit Union 1 is expected to do their very best, every day. We hire staff based on their ability to fulfill and excel in their diverse job duties, and employee diversity is a natural result of this process. Our communities are diverse, our employees are diverse, and we celebrate these elements that make each of us unique and enhance the efficacy of our organization.
  3. Stand up for inclusion.
    Without inclusion, diversity is a hollow goal. Inclusiveness at Credit Union 1 is brought to life through respect and appreciation for one another. Inclusion also means our employees have equal access to opportunities and resources, and we encourage all employees to contribute fully to our organization's success.
Diversity and inclusion efforts at Credit Union 1 support the execution of our organization’s mission in Alaska by ensuring that our workforce is diverse and that our policies and practices support an inclusive culture – not only in a manner that complies with all applicable laws, but also in providing equal opportunity for all employees to realize their full potential and cultivate relationships between our staff and statewide membership. These efforts are ongoing, and as our organization grows, our commitment to diversity and inclusion will remain at the forefront of our “people helping people” priorities. Together, we’re creating a better Alaska for all.