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Navigating a New Budget
Alaska’s most vibrant season is here and it’s beautiful! This year it’s also very different, and we understand that your budget may be affected by current circumstances.
If you need a new skiff for dipnetting season, a new ATV for access to your family's salmonberry patch, or a more efficient commuter vehicle to accommodate a new job, we're here for you. Apply online today for a more affordable loan from Credit Union 1, and let us help you make the most of your buying power.
Financial Assistance Options
Credit Union 1 is actively monitoring the health and financial well-being of our communities due to COVID-19. If these circumstances are causing you financial difficulty, we're here to help.
  • We can offer you options such as loan extensions or adjustments if needed, and our Member Assistance team is standing by to help with these requests.
  • You can also request to skip a monthly payment on certain eligible loans via Online Access > More > Skip-a-Pay, in order to postpone a month’s payment and keep that money in your pocket instead.
  • While CU1 does not currently offer business loans or participate in SBA programs, we are a program facilitator for the AK CARES Grant Program, which provides aid to Alaskan businesses that are suffering due to COVID-19. Grant applications can be submitted via akcaresonline.org.
  • CU1 members who are concerned about an upcoming mortgage payment can reach out to our servicing partner, Cenlar, for options. Cenlar is available by phone at (877) 865-8325. 
As we navigate today's uncertain landscape, it’s extra important to know that your financial institution is still here for you – especially in the tough times.
Let us take some financial stress off your shoulders, as we all get through this together.
COVID-19 Community Outreach
Recently, as many Alaskan families and businesses faced financial difficulty due to COVID-19, CU1 employees created a plan to raise awareness and funds for those in need. Through a variety of #CU1Foodie challenges on social media, we encouraged Alaskans to order takeout or delivery in support of small restaurants, donate goods to their local food bank and more. Together, we gave $17,000+ to small restaurants, provided 677 meals to first responders, and made a $1,200 donation to the Food Bank of Alaska.
To provide additional aid for vulnerable community members during this difficult time, we also donated $2,500 in gift cards to patrons of Red Apple and a special $2,500 to the Food Bank of Alaska to help them get their boxes out. We also worked to donate enough meals and snacks for 400 people to the Children’s Lunchbox, in support of families facing hunger.