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How to Spot Suspicious Activity
Criminals are constantly developing new schemes to trick people into sharing private information. Unfortunately, these schemes are often hard to spot. For instance, one method that occurs regularly in Alaska (and elsewhere) is the use of a fake email message, text or phone call to convince a person that their financial account needs attention.
If you’ve ever received an email message, text or phone call that out-of-the-blue claimed your financial account needs attention, it’s important to be immediately on guard. Is the caller or sender asking you to provide your account number, social security number or other identifying info? RED FLAG! Your trusted financial institution would never contact you in this manner regarding private information. Hang up or delete the fraudulent message right away.
In phony contact attempts, criminals may claim that your account has been locked or that your account information needs to be updated. These false tales may sound urgent, which can sometimes stun a person into sharing private info with the fraudster. If you’ve shared private info before realizing the contact is fake, we can help place additional protective measures on your account.
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