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Alaskan @ Heart
Alaskans are our people. You’re our friends, family and the neighbors we grew up with! As Alaska's only state-chartered credit union, we are proud to be Alaskan@Heart.
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Local and loyal since 1952.
While Alaskans practice “social distancing” and do our best to protect one another from COVID-19, CU1 members are still facing financial challenges like the need to replace a winter furnace, maintain a safe vehicle for their family and more. If you're facing financial difficulty or have been impacted by coronavirus-related paycheck cuts, we're here for you.
Learn about waived fees, a helpful option to make no payments for 60 days, and a 1% rebate that can put some cash back in your pocket.*
Alaska is Our Home
As a full-service financial institution that serves over 85,000 Alaskans, Credit Union 1 is proud to help foster thriving, happy communities by always putting people first.
Scholarship Opportunities
Each year, Credit Union 1 is proud to offer the Bill Countryman Scholarship program to Alaskans of all ages who are pursuing higher education goals. In the words of our honored past board member Bill Countryman, "education and adventure are what keep you young!"
Members Come First
Credit Union 1 is a member-owned cooperative. This means everything we do is in service to YOU, and not for shareholder gain! You have the power to shape your financial future, and you can trust that we're here to help.
We call this homegrown passion #CU1LUV, and it inspires everything we do.
As an Alaska credit union that only serves our home state, Credit Union 1 is proud to help foster thriving, happy communities by always putting people first. We live each and every day with the mission to
lead change
uplift others
value people
– and we achieve this goal by lending money, fundraising, volunteering our time, teaching financial education and more.
Credit Union 1’s Uplifting Others Fund is supported by donations on behalf of members who finance loans with us.
A portion of every consumer loan and real estate loan we finance for Alaskans is donated to this special fund.
Help Us Help Others
Credit Union 1 is helping Alaskans whose food, health or shelter is at risk by donating a portion of every loan you finance with us to the Uplifting Others Fund. Now, when you finance a CU1 loan toward your own life goals – or refinance an existing loan to Credit Union 1 – you’re making a much larger impact on the lives of those around you.
Our April fundraising beneficiary is Denali Family Services.
Help support Alaskan children in need of individualized, community-based mental health services.
Donate and Make a Difference
Each month, Credit Union 1 hosts a different fundraiser to support the causes our members care about throughout Alaska. 100% of the funds we raise go toward Alaskan nonprofits and the well-being of your friends and neighbors across our state!
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