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Credit Cards
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Our credit cards stand out with benefits such as competitive rates, fee-free balance transfers and fee-free cash advances.
Secured Card
Secure your spending with a deposit and enjoy an accessible path toward confidence with credit.
  • A safe way for beginners to build credit
  • Opportunities to upgrade your card in 6-12 months
  • Low annual fee
Chrome Card
Perfect for those just beginning their credit history, with opportunities to grow.
  • An unsecured option to grow your credit
  • Lower your APR with positive payment history
  • No annual fee
Classic Card
This simple and convenient card meets a wide variety of needs and is hassle-free.
  • Easy Overdraft Protection
  • Fee-free balance transfers and cash advances
  • No annual fee

View Mastercard's Guide to Benefits for Credit Card Users

Understanding Overdraft Protection
Credit Union 1 has a variety of Overdraft Protection options to add peace-of-mind to your account.