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First Time Home Buyers
Congratulations on taking the first step to buy your new home! You’ve come to the right place! Credit Union 1 offers its own unique program for first time homebuyers, which can save you money and provide much-needed guidance on your purchase. Plus, we don’t charge origination fees on first time home loans! With a little extra help from Credit Union 1, you’ll be holding the keys to your new home in no time.
Refinancing your home can be a smooth and simple process at Credit Union 1, with help from our real estate experts. We’ll help you navigate loan interest rates and other items to save you money over the life of your mortgage! With a refinance, you may also free up funds for other purchases that can improve your abode.
Equity Advantage HELOCs
If you already own a home, our Equity Advantage program or a home equity line of credit (HELOC) can help turn it into a convenient source of cash. Ask us how these options can help pay-off your other debt at an affordable, low interest rate. These loans are a great choice for anything from home improvements to debt consolidation and more.
Home Improvement Loans
Don't wait months to fix a broken dishwasher or move into a new home only to use lawn chairs as your couch. With CU1’s home improvement loans, we can help finance your home improvement expenses with our low interest rates and flexible terms.
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View today's rates for first time home buyers, refinancing and more. We'll also show you how to compare financing and make the best choice for your unique budget needs! Get started today.