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About Credit Union 1
We're more than just a financial institution. We're a social movement for positive change in Alaska.
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Core Values
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Our mission in Alaska is to help members achieve their financial goals by focusing on excellent service and value.
Board of Directors
Credit Union 1's board of directors is a group of volunteers who oversee the governance of the credit union to ensure the organization executes strong strategies and direction. If you have a concern about the governance of Credit Union 1, please contact the board of directors below.
  • Colin Baxter, Chairman
  • Steve Cavin, Vice Chair
  • Jennifer Bernard, Treasurer
  • Marietta "Ed" Hall, Secretary
  • Joe Towslee, Director
  • Andre Horton, Director
Supervisory Committee
Credit Union 1's supervisory committee is a group of volunteers who have oversight over the accurate reporting of the organizations financial records and ensuring executive decisions are fair and ethical. If you have a concern about the oversight of Credit Union 1, please contact the Supervisory Committee below.
  • Yuliya Mitchell, Chairman
  • Jeff Wood, Secretary
  • Ross Risvold, Member
From left to right:
Mark Burgess, Davina Napier, James Wileman, Rachel Langtry and Chad Bostick
Executive Management
  • James Wileman
    , President/CEO
  • Rachel Langtry
    , Chief Operating Officer
  • Davina Napier
    , Chief Lending Officer
  • Chad Bostick
    , Chief Financial Officer
  • Mark Burgess
    , Chief Technology Officer