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If bills are tight and you just can't make your loan payment this month, you can request a Skip-a-Pay right from home. For $30, you'll be able to skip a one-month payment and put your mind and your wallet at ease.
  • With Skip-a-Pay, CU1 does not cover the cost of your payment or make the payment on your behalf. Rather, payment is deferred and the term of your loan is extended accordingly.
  • Your loan needs to be open at least six months with a payment made each month to be eligible for a Skip-a-Pay.
  • Your savings or spending account must have enough funds to cover the processing fee of $30.
  • Your loan may not be past due.
  • Your address and telephone number must be current in our system.
  • Real Estate, Fresh Start, Pledge of Certificate and line of credit loans (including credit cards) are not eligible for Skip-a-Pay.
  • If you have a recurring payment scheduled via Online Access or another financial institution, this payment will process unless cancelled/altered by you.
  • One Skip-a-Pay is allowed per loan per year with a maximum of six for the life of any loan.
Automated Payments
Never forget your loan payment again. With our automated payment service, you can schedule an automatic transfer of funds that recurs each month! To get started, visit the Transfers > Classic tab of Online Access.
Enjoy secure and organized access to CU1 documents such as your monthly statement, tax information and additional letters of communication that you would normally receive from CU1 via paper mail, such as overdraft notices, password change confirmations, certificate maturity notices and more. To sign-up, log in to Online Access and visit More > eDocuments.
CU1 Alerts & Notifications
Stay up-to-date on the status of your account with customizable alerts. You can choose to receive an email, text message or push notification when your account reaches a certain balance, a direct deposit is received, a loan payment is due, etc. To sign up, log in to Online Access and click Settings > Notifications. 
Direct Deposit
Access your paycheck instantly with Direct Deposit. Simply complete an authorization form to link your employer’s payroll with your CU1 account. Plus, you can have your PFD direct-deposited by providing bank code “CQ” on your PFD application.