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CU1 Scholarship Winners
Each year, Credit Union 1 is proud to award valuable scholarships to Alaskan students in pursuit of higher education. These scholarships celebrate our roots as an Anchorage teachers’ credit union and our passion for lifelong learning!  2020 marks our 33rd year of awarding scholarship funds, and winners of this year’s Bill Countryman Scholarship include:
  • Aiden J. – Fairbanks
  • Hannah F. – Anchorage
  • Kaori K. – Anchorage
  • Olivia T. – Anchorage
  • Sebastian R. – Anchorage
  • Edlen Mae M. – Kodiak
  • Abby C. – Eagle River
  • Abbey R. – Eagle River
  • Andranel B. – Anchorage
  • Kali S. – Eagle River
  • Vaughn S. – Fairbanks
  • Bradley W. – Anchorage
  • Ashlee S. – Valdez
  • Cameron B. – Soldotna
  • Abbigail L. – Anchorage
  • Melchora P. – Kodiak
  • Joel C. – Anchorage
In total, we’re excited to give $19,950 in scholarship funds to the above CU1 members! We’d also like to extend special thanks to all talented applicants who applied for our 2020 Bill Countryman Scholarship. While reviewing each and every application, we were proud to see how so many of you are expanding your education to help make Alaska an even better place to live.